About Steganos

These days, data protection is one of the most important issues facing private users and businesses alike. We carry and send information all over the world using laptops, PDAs and USB devices. Moreover, the data sent through the internet is growing at a staggering rate. It's important to realize that if you’re not encrypting, your private information is in danger of being misused. Unprotected data leaves you vulnerable not only to financial risk, but to an emotional one as well. After all, who wants their private information in the hands of strangers?

Since 1996, Steganos has been offering highly secure and easy to use software tools that protect and secure on and offline data. We offer comprehensive solutions for individuals, home offices and small businesses.

ESteganos’ advanced encryption options make hiding photos, documents and contact data easy — an invaluable tool when you consider how many laptops are lost or stolen everyday. Hardware is replaceable. Your data is not.

You can also trust Steganos to protect your online experience. True anonymity software ensures that you’re browsing the internet undetected. That means your online activities can’t be monitored when sending and receiving emails, or when you’re up and downloading data using a wireless LAN. And VPN technology (Virtual Private Network) stops hackers, hotspot and internet providers from tracking, eavesdropping or intercepting your data as it flows through cyberspace.

Our innovations include the world’s first commercial steganography application, software that let’s you hide data in pictures and sound files. And the world’s first commercially available encryption software with AES technology (Advanced Encryption Standard). These innovations — along with consistent national and international press awards — have made Steganos synonymous with quality privacy protection. That’s why millions of users worldwide use Steganos software.

Our product portfolio is available on our website and through a global network of business partners. We also distribute our software through the OEM channel and product bundles.

Steganos also participates in the Microsoft Partner Program. As a partner program member we receive advanced development updates to adapt our software products to the latest Microsoft operating system.

Fabian Hansmann, MBA


Fabian Hansmann M.B.A., is member of the entrepreneur organization and supports young founders to create and build new companies. He is regularly volunteering as referee for Business Plan Competitions. Fabian is also Co-Founder of netzshopping.de.

Gabriel Yoran, M.A.


Dipl.-Komm. Gabriel Yoran is an expert for product strategy and conception. Products developed and created by him have received worldwide awards, e.g. two Webby-Awards ("internet oscars") and "Product of the Year" by magazines like PC World. He holds classes for Entrepeneurship and Product Design.

Joachim Heng

Managing Director

Joachim Heng has a nearly 20-year track record in the IT security industry.
Since the 17th December 2015 he is Managing Director of Steganos Software GmbH. Prior to his role as CEO, he successfully pushed ahead the strategic development of the company and managed the PR / public relations in his position as Director of Global Business Development & Corporate Communications at Steganos. Before Steganos Joachim Heng has worked for 15 years at G Data Software AG, a leading German anti-virus company. During this time he worked in different areas and positions, while he accompanied G Data from a start-up company to a global player in the anti-virus industry.