How to save money with
VPN when shopping, booking
flights and vacations online

How a VPN can keep you safe and save you money when shopping online

VPNs are often used to protect your security and anonymity on the Internet, to use public networks and hotspots with a clear conscience, or to gain access to content that is not accessible in your own country.

However, a VPN can also help you save money.

Nowadays, many shopping providers use collected data, user profiles, information about the device used or even the IP address or, indirectly, the determined location to tailor prices for their potential customers.

With a VPN, you can minimize or avoid tracking of this kind in many places and possibly get a better deal on flights, vacations or when shopping online. When using a VPN, your internet connection is redirected and encrypted through a secured server of the VPN provider. This protects your traffic from prying eyes through encryption and hides your IP address and therefore your identity and location.

By concealing your IP address while using the VPN and the availability of VPN servers all over the world, you can try out if a better deal can be grabbed while shopping if you change your location and choose a server location in another country or at least conceal your normal IP address.

Anonymization also makes it more difficult for data collectors to profile your usage. Here, of course, it is recommended that you also regularly delete the cookies in your browser.

The VPN also encrypts your data traffic so that you can store comfortably even if you use public networks or hotspots, e.g. in cafés, means of transport, airports or hotels.

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