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Internet Speed Test - How fast is my Internet?

Internet providers usually promise high Internet speeds. With the free Steganos Internet and DSL Speed Test you can find out how fast your Internet actually is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I perform a speed test?

You can use a speed test to find out whether your Internet connection delivers the speed that is promised. If the speed is significantly lower than advertised, this may explain problems with your connection, such as blurry videos or very long waiting times when loading content. The speed test can help determine whether the problem is with the content provider or with your own connection.

How does the speed test work?

First, select a test server. Preferably one that is as close to your location as possible. The server then sends several data packets to your device and also requests data packets in return. This way, the speed at which you can download and upload data can be measured.

What should I keep in mind during the speed test?

You should make sure that no downloads or uploads are active during the speed test and that no other programs or your operating system are downloading updates in the background.
Other devices on the network should also not be using the connection at the time of the test. For example, no streamed video should be running on your Smart TV or tablet. If you share your Internet access with family members, you should make sure that no one else is using the Internet connection during the test.
It is a good idea to run several tests at different times, as the speed of your connection can fluctuate depending on the time of day.

What can have an impact on my results?

The result depends on many factors.

  • Devices on your WiFi network may not be able to use the full capacity of your connection, either because the WiFi reception is not good enough or because the device itself can only receive a limited data rate. It can therefore happen that the full speed is usable on a PC that is connected by wire, but not on the tablet in the WiFi network, for example.
  • The load of the test server can fluctuate. If the server is overloaded, this may falsify your result. Your Internet connection or the network of your Internet provider can also be subject to fluctuations during the day. It is therefore recommended to do multiple tests at different times of the day.
  • The distance to the test server plays a role. In principle, the test is more reliable the closer the test server is to your location. So, if possible, choose a test server that is close to you.

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